VETUS M4.45 Marine Diesel Engine


New VETUS M4.45 Marine Diesel Engine

The new Vetus Mitsubishi M4.45 is a superbly quiet, compact and reliable 4 cylinder marine diesel inboard engine. The model shown here is the inter-cooled version with pre-fitted TMC60 gearbox with a 2:1 ratio – ideal for small sailboats.Simple to install – and easy to maintain, with all service items grouped on one side. The M4.45 ships with an attractive, waterproof key-switch panel (2m extendable hard-wired loom) with warning lights for low oil pressure, high water and exhaust temperature.

VETUS M4.45 Marine Diesel Engine Specifications:

Model : M445A602AnStroke : 78.5mm — 3.09iBore : 78mm — 3.07iCapacity : 1500cc — 92 cu iNumber of Cylinders : 4nCompression Ratio : 22:1nFiring Order : 1-3-4-2nAlternator : 12v 110AnMax Output at Flywheel/Propshaft : 24.3kW — 23.6kWnMaximum RPM : 3000nTorque at Max RPM : 77.4NmnFuel Consumption : 252 g/k.W.hnGearbox & Ratio : TMC60A 2.0:1nDry Weight (inc Gearbox) : 180kgnFuel pump lift height : 1.5mnCalorifier Coection : Optional KitnWarning Lights/Audible Alarms : Oil pressure, temperature (fresh & raw), charge currentnCooling System : Indirect Sea-Water cooling

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