Paguro 9000V Marine Generator


The Paguro 9000V is an energy saving marine generator that drops the speed right down to 2000 rpm with an output of 2kW when only minimum power is needed, also capable of providing 9kW at 3000rpm maximum power. Using only 0.35 litres of diesel per kW used per hour, the Paguro 9000V is encased in an enhanced triple skin soundproof capsule with advanced internal and external anti-vibration feet, keeping the peace by reducing noise and vibration. The Paguro 9000V is also ideal for ruing TVs, Laptops and other devices by providing a clean sine wave and is a perfect companion for heavy power consuming equipment such as air conditioning with a start load capability of over 200%. In addition, it’s simple to operate thanks to its easy to read remote control panel including power monitor and 13m cable.* Sound capsule | Ext anti-vibe mounts | Remote panel & harness | Impeller Kitn* Oil Change Hand Pump for easy servicingn* 9.0kW Outputn* Voltage – 230V @ 50Hzn* 2000 – 3000rpm Variable Speedn* Dieseln* Weight – 150kgn* Dimensions – 660 x 460 x 620 | (LxWxH)
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