Paguro 4 SY Marine Generator



New Paguro 4 SY Marine Generator space marine name generator  For Sale

The Paguro 4 SY runs smoothly & quietly to produce an output equivalent to being on shore power. The perfect choice for boats in the 35’-50’ range with the capacity to charge your batteries and run air conditioning, a watermaker, and the usual mains equipment you have on board such as TV, laptop, kettle, microwave, and hair drier. Your Paguro 4 SY Marine Generator comes complete with an easy-to-read remote control panel with a power monitor and 13m cable. The Paguro 4 SY is designed for ease of maintenance and single-side servicing. It has the bonus of longer service intervals than comparable generators.
The Paguro 4 SY Marine Generator is the most powerful compact generator in its class. With oversized windings delivering high peak load capability, the Paguro 4 SY is great for starting power-hungry equipment such as air conditioning, watermakers, and even a small dive compressor. With the convenience of power on demand, you can keep your phones, tablets, and laptops fully charged as well as enjoy all those other creature comforts on board, be it a coffee machine, hair drier, or power tools.
With a Paguro 4 SY on board, you can enjoy the full potential of your yacht. With power equivalent to shore power on board, you’ll have the freedom to explore in comfort and safety. Designed by one of the pioneers of encapsulated generator technology, the Paguro 4 SY is wrapped in a soundproof capsule with a triple skin, keeping noise as low as possible. Advanced anti-vibration feet both internally and externally ensure that noise transmitted by vibration is kept to a minimum, resulting in a smooth ruing generator.* Output: 4.0kVAn* Voltage: 230V @ 50Hzn* Speed: 3000rpmn* Engine: Yanmarn* Fuel: Dieseln* Sound: 53 dB(A) @ 7mn* Weight: 90kgn* Dimensions: 605x430x530 | LxWxH
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