MerCruiser BRAVO ONE X Sterndrive



The MerCruiser BRAVO ONE X Sterndrive family of drives delivers superior performance with best-in-class shifting. Its exclusive performance torpedo design and dual water pickups allow for speeds topping the century mark, with exceptional handling at high and low speeds. A trim-limit switch sets your drive angle for maximum performance every time, and a greaseable drive coupler allows for quick and easy service without removing the drive unit.When we say Bravo, we’re talking power. The Bravo One line of single, twin and triple drive applications features an exclusive performance-torpedo design and a deeper skeg that expands the rudder area, increasing steering response and manoeurvrability at high and low speeds.Dual water pickups make these drives ideal for boats capable of reaching a blistering 100mph and for petrol engines delivering up to 600hp.Bravo One drives features best-in-class shifting, whir s trim-limit switch sets the drive angle for consistent maximum performance. The greaseable drive coupler makes service quick and easy without removing the drive unit.

MerCruiser BRAVO ONE X Sterndrive Features:

* Precision shimmed near-net forged helical steel gears for quiet operation and durability.n* XK360 low copper alloy for corrosion resistance.n* Tri-Paint System (Irridite, EDP & Powder Paint) creates a tough, durable corrosion resistant barrier.n* Armored trim lines protect hydraulic system from debris.n* Bravo Ones performance torpedo & Dual Water Pick-ups that allow high X-Dimensions make it the industry leader for performance applications.n* Trim limit switch trims drive angle for maximum performance every time.n* Through-Prop exhaust maximizes power and reduces noise levels.n* Drive Lube Monitor – Alarm warns if drive lube is low.n* Permalube U-Joint – Virtually No Maintenance.n* Greaseable Drive Coupler – No added cost to pull the boat from water.n* Greaseable Gimbal Bearing – Do not need to remove the drive for service.n* Power Trim XD Automatically Returns Drive to the Water to Maintain Full Control in an Emergency.

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