John Deere 4045DFM70 Marine Diesel Engine


New John Deere 4045DFM70 Marine Diesel Engine

Features and Benefits:* Watercooled Exhaust Manifoldn- Cooler and quieter environment for vessel and crew* Replaceable Wet-type Cylinder Linersn- Excellent heat dissipatio- Hardened and precision machined for long lifen- Rebuild to original specifications* Internal Balancersn- Low noise and vibration for crew comfort* Corrosion Resistant Componentsn- Provides engine protection from the effects of seawater* Either-side Servicen- Oil fill and dipstick combinationsn- Remote oil filter for easier service accessn- Application and service flexibility to provide installation convenience plus fastand easy maintenance* Heat Exchanger or Keel Cooledn- High-capacity heat exchanger designed for reliable operation in adverseconditionsn- Integrated expansion tank, heat exchanger and exhaust manifold reducechances of leaksn- Keel cooler options provide application flexibility* High Torque and Low Rated RPMn- Enables the engine to turn larger propellers at lower speed for best efficiencyn- Excellent vessel control and maneuveringn- Lower rated rpm limits vibration and noise for better crew comfort* Fuel Systemn- Proven and reliable Mechanical Governor

John Deere 4045DFM70 Marine Diesel Engine Specifications:

Number of cylinders : 4nDisplacement – L (cu in) : 4.5 (275)nBore and Stroke– mm (in) : 107 x 127 (4.21 x 5.00)nEngine Type : In-line, 4- CyclenAspiration : Naturally aspiratednPerformance ratings : M2nPower kW (bhp) : 60 (82)nRated Speed (rpm) : 2500nRated fuel consumption L/hr (gal/hr) : 17.5 (4.6)Dimensions :n* Length maximum – mm : (in)885 (34.8)n* Height– mm : (in)912 (35.9)n* Weight, dry – kg (lb) : 437 (963)Emissions : EPA Commercial Marine, IMO Exempt

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