Fischer Panda 4000s Neo Marine Generator Supersilenced 4 KVA



Fischer Panda 4000s single-phase 4 KVA marine generator with a 3000 rpm motor. The Fischer Panda 4000s is designed with a soundproof capsule that makes it supersilenced. The Fischer Panda 4000s marine generator is built with a single-cylinder Fischer Panda diesel-powered, water-cooled engine. With its compact size and low weight, the Fischer Panda 4000s is also suitable for installation on small boats in fact it is the smallest in the range, easy to install and without power interruption. The Fischer Panda 4000s marine generator is very compact and is designed for captains who have limited space available. The Fischer is ideal for powering appliances with 230 V / 50 Hz for those who want to cook, use a vacuum cleaner, hair dryer or coffee maker. The cooling system is dual-circuit with fresh water cooling via heat exchanger.* 230 V / 50 Hz for the entire on-board power systemn* Very compact and lightweight nautical generator to have more space for youn* Super-quiet sound capsulen* Iovative design for easy installation and maintenance with all coections on one siden* High generator starting capacity, ideal for compressors or air conditioners

Fischer Panda 4000s Neo Marine Generator Supersilenced 4 KVA Specifications:

Phase : Single phasenMaximum power single phase (KW) : 3.4nContinuous power single phase (KW) : 3nMaximum power single phase (KVA) : 4nContinuous power single phase (KVA) : 3.6nFuel : DieselnFrequency (Hz) : 50nVoltage (V) : 230nEngine : Fischer Panda FPE320nEngine rpm (rpm) : 3000nSpeed governor : MechanicalnEngine capacity (cm³) : 309nNumber cylinders : 1nOil capacity (L) : 2.1nCooling : WaternAlternator : SynchronousnPoles : 2nBore x stroke (mm) : 78 x 64nMotor insulation class : HnLength (mm) : 558nWidth (mm) : 460nHeight (mm) : 518nDry weight (Kg) : 92nSilenced : YesnSuper silenced : YesnProduct type : GeneratornVoltage regulator : NonEngine manufacturer : Fischer Panda

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