Fischer Panda 15000i Threephase Marine Generator Supersilenced 15 KVA



Fischer Panda 15000i threephase marine generator designed to be compact, quiet and powerful with up to 30% weight and space savings! The Fischer Panda 15000i threephase is ideal for yacht owners who require low noise and vibration levels. The Fischer Panda 15000i threephase features modern, iovative and environmentally friendly inverter technology.The speed of the diesel engine is adjusted to suit the user’s varying power requirements, while the output voltage from the inverter remains constant at all times. Variable speed control significantly reduces exhaust emissions and fuel consumption compared to a conventional fixed speed generator. The maximum engine speed of the Fischer three-phase is 2800 rpm. The electrical load is supplied with a constant output voltage of 230 V / 50 Hz or 120 V / 60 Hz via an inverter.The Fischer Panda 15000i features the renowned Fischer Panda sound insulation and water cooling.The new Fischer Panda 15000i takes full advantage of modern diesel engines designed to run at lower speeds and meet current emission standards.

High performance

High starting performance for inductive loads such as air conditioning and underwater compressors and clean sine waveform with its precise voltage and frequency regulation ensures stable and efficient power supply for sensitive electronic devices.n* High starting capacity for air conditioners/compressors, which means there is no need to select large generators for starting currents.n* Highly efficient – maximum energyn* Pure sine wave ideal for sensitive electronicsn* Reliable power supply (230V AC output)

New iControl2 Panel and Engine Controller

Designed by Fischer Panda for iSeries generators. The control panel allows you to operate the generator from the cab and view current status and technical data. The new panel is compact and can be installed on small dashboards.

Digital display

The new iControl2 is capable of recording and reading more data.nAutomatic start function that allows the generator to start via an external electrical pulse. For example: a battery monitoring module could measure the battery level and give a signal to automatically start the Fischer Panda i-generator if it is below a preset value.

Fischer Panda 15000i Threephase Marine Generator Supersilenced 15 KVA Specifications:

Phase : Three phasenMaximum power three phase (KW) : 12nContinuous power three phase (KW) : 10.8nMaximum power three phase (KVA) : 15nContinuous power three phase (KVA) : 13.5nFuel : DieselnFrequency (Hz) : 50nVoltage (V) : 400nEngine : Kubota D902nEngine rpm (rpm) : 2200 – 2800nSpeed governor : ElectronicnStarting system : ElectricnEngine capacity (cm³) : 898nNumber cylinders : 3nOil capacity (L) : 3.7nCooling : WaternPoles : 2nBore x stroke (mm) : 72 x 73.6nMotor insulation class : HnLength (mm) : 650nWidth (mm) : 465nHeight (mm) : 589nDry weight (Kg) : 160nSilenced : YesnSuper silenced : YesnProduct type : GeneratornVoltage regulator : InverternEngine manufacturer : Kubota

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