CAT C12.9 Marine Engine


CAT C12.9 Marine Engine Features:

n* Power DensitynHigh power density* Electronic control systemnIndustry-leading torque and throttle response at low speed* OperatioSmooth, quiet operation throughout the entire operating range* Ventilation systemnClosed crankcase ventilation system improves engine room cleanliness* Common rail fuel systemnCommon rail fuel system enables optimum combustion, low emissions and reduced noise* Engine Control PanelnAvailable on-engine control panel with “Start,” “Stop,” and display for engine diagnostics* Inlet Air HeaternInlet air heater for improved cold weather startability* AftercoolersnLow maintenance (fresh water/coolant) aftercoolers* Electrical Advantagesn12V or 24V electrical system* Remote Monitoringngplink ready for remote engine and vessel monitoring

CAT C12.9 Marine Engine Specifications:

RatingsnPower Range : 850-1000 mhp, 838-985 bhp, 625-735 bkWEnginenSpeed Range : 2300 rpmnEmissions : EPA Tier 3, IMO II, EU Stage IIIAnAspiration : TAnBore : 5.31 iStroke : 5.9 iDisplacement : 787 in³nRotation from Flywheel End : CounterclockwisenConfiguration : In-line 6, 4-Stroke-Cycle DieselDimensions & WeightsnWidth – Engine : 43.7 iLength – Engine : 57.6 iHeight – Engine : 42.7 in

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